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DATE: 06/14/2024
Rental ID # 11080
$2,200.00 / Month
0 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom | Parking: Extra
Burling Ln
New Rochelle, NY 10801
Utilities Included
Heat: Yes   Hot Water: Yes   Gas: No   Electric: No
  • Minimum Annual Income: $66,000.00 Or Subsidy
  • Brokers Fee ($600 Refundable Deposit Required Today)
  • Credit Check Required

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Primary Applicant Information

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  • Copy Of Identification
  • Proof Of Stated Income
  • Proof Of Any Assets To Be Utilized In Lieu Of Income Requirement

Credit Card Payment

Bill $620 To Card:


  • I hereby authorize Home Sweet Home Properties, Inc to obtain and/or release any and all information to prospective landlords that may be required to make a thorough credit decision, including my full credit report.
  • I authorize Home Sweet Home Properties to charge my credit card of which I am supplying on this form in the amount of $620.
  • Tenant(s) agrees that should the Tenant(s) application be approved verbally or in writing by the Landlord/Management Company but the Tenant(s), for whatever reason, elects not to take possession (or change their mind) and withdraw after signing this agreement, then all commissions (E.x: Today's $600 Deposit) already paid to Home Sweet Home Properties, Inc. shall be forfeited as liquidated damages for the work already done by the agent or office representatives.
  • Tenant(s) agree to gather all required paperwork requested by the Landlord/ Management company (Paystubs, Tax Returns etc.) within Forty-Eight (48) hours. If Landlord/Management company rent the apartment because Tenant(s) neglect to hand in the required paperwork in a timely fashion, Tenant(s) shall forfeit any monies paid to Home Sweet Home Properties, Inc. If Tenant(s) falsely represent themselves in any manor; this will fall under the same category as tenant defaulting on "Said Apartment" and will lose any commissions paid to Home Sweet Home Properties, Inc. In the event commissions were not paid, Tenant(s) shall owe Home Sweet Home Properties, Inc. a minimum cancellation fee of $600.00.
  • IF APPROVED: It is hereby agreed and understood that I/We, promise to pay Home Sweet Home Properties, Inc. (Broker) the sum of representing 10% (Ten Percent) of the Annual Rent as compensation for the services rendered in securing the aformentioned rental property. I/We further agree to pay this amount in the form of Certified Check, Money Order, or Cash upon the acceptance of the Tenant(s) application to lease the Said Apartment above.
  • BROKERS INDEMNIFICATION. The Tenant(s) agrees that the Broker, its agents or employees do not make any representation, promises or warranties in connection with a) Repairs, b) Improvements, c) Inclusions, d) Parking Arrangements, e) Utilities, f) Painting or g) Condition of the apartment upon or after the Tenant takes occupancy. Tenant(s) should be certain that any representation or promise made by the landlord concerning these or other items should be contained in the Lease or Lease Rider and that they read their Lease and Lease Rider carefully and should consult an attorney before signing. Tenant shall rely on their own due diligence in evaluating their Lease Agreement and shall hold the Broker harmless against any and all claims. Any changes and/or modifications to this agreement must be made in writing and signed by Tenant(s) and the Broker of Home Sweet Home Properties, Inc.
  • I Have Been Supplied With And Electronically Signing The Following Government Mandated Disclosure Forms:


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